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Where to see the Northern Lights? Head for Rovaniemi, Finland

Nov 20th, 2017 1 min read

We recently visited Rovaniemi in Finland, in the hopes of seeing the Northern Lights. We found them, as we had hoped – but what we were not expecting, was to also find so many other awesome adventures! This is the official hometown of Santa Claus (for real!), you can meet him, hang out at his post office and even see him doing guest appearances at…

#RoadtripUSA: Yosemite

Jun 4th, 2017 5 min read

Before this trip, Yosemite was probably the part I was LEAST excited for. See, I’m from Paarl, where we have all of the natural splendour you can imagine, all over the place. Granite dome-shaped mountain? Yes. River? Yes. We even have wineries! Bonus. Boy, was I wrong! One thing you probably won’t get from my husband’s fantastic (I know, right?) video skills, is that it was…

Behind The Scenes VLOG: FirstXV

Jun 1st, 2017 1 min read

Yesterday I put my very shaky (especially after 10yrs in TV) camera technique to work, to bring you this video diary. A look into a day on set for me on First XV. No, you don’t get to see me sitting in front of my computer at home in my robe and slippers, prepping for the show before I go to studio. Because: boring. You also don’t…

#RoadTripUSA: Natural hot tubs in wide open spaces

May 29th, 2017 2 min read

Initially Mammoth Lakes was meant to be a quick stopover, just a motel room on our way from Death Valley to Yosemite. It’s only home to about 8 000 people and outside of ski-season (which is the activity it’s famous for) there isn’t much going on. That is, until I read that this area is also geologically active. So despite it being a pretty cold place, warm water…