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 #regram via @LostAfrican - Johannesburg. She's just showing off a teeny bit.  We're live! #SuperRugby @SuperSportTV @kykNETtv ft @4KobusWiese @AshwinWillemse @BreytonPaulse Gesels saam!
 #TBT to 2007 - when I was a law student who did some modelling on the side. This was my first ever test shoot! Photographer: @candykennedy  #MotivationMonday
 Happy Wednesday!  My Dad will be that Afrikaans Oom in the two-tone shirt at the CT gig. He is THE BIGGEST @mumfordandsons fan. Christmas gift ✔️
 Got some #SpringDay luggage to match my shirt  @TumiTravel #TumiSA #12Sleeps until we leave for #RWC2015  #TegraLite #Peony #TumiGlobalCitizens #PerfectingTheJourney  Its the last day of #WomensMonth,which means I get to announce the WINNER of my #WomensMonth @NimueSkinInt Double Starter Pack Giveaway... *drum roll* @StaceyFaber ! Some Spring Skin Loving is en route for u & ur lovely mom #WomenOfNimueSkin #NimueSkin
 Caption @breyty 's expression  #outtakes #superrugby "Kyk hoe kyk hy vir my!"  "The Weeknd - The Hills"

So you have the right tong – but do you know how to use it? A Classic Curl tutorial

Aug 31st, 2015 Uncategorized 6 min read

That age old thing about people with straight hair wanting curly hair and vice versa, is a total cliché because it’s true. And I’m certainly the former. Lucky for you and I, we live in 2015. An age where ghd not only makes the straightener to end all straighteners, but also some incredible hairdryers and last, but most certainly not least, an entire RANGE of ghd Curve curling tongs! I…

#GIVEAWAY Cosmetics won’t actively change your skin. But this will.

Aug 2nd, 2015 Uncategorized 5 min read

I want to share one of the most important things I’ve learnt in my career with you. It’s women’s month and I believe we should support, celebrate and help our sisters out. We still live up to that tired, irrational and quite sad hashtag #YouCantSitWithUs too often! I used to tell myself I was looking after my skin. When I started out in TV, I…

Get paid to change the world. For a year. For real. #CTW2015

Mar 31st, 2015 Uncategorized 2 min read

Yesterday, I blogged about how Miss SA (and pageants in general) attract our attention to causes we might otherwise never have heard of. Today I’d like to see if I can do the same thing. But as much as I can tell you about a cause, or you can see it on the cover of a newspaper, or like a “Save Our Rhino” Facebook page or…

In defense of Miss SA: How is she different from, say, a Springbok or a Protea?

Mar 30th, 2015 Uncategorized 5 min read

Watching the Miss SA pageant last night was almost as much fun with my sister’s running commentary, as it was on Twitter. And there’s such a feel-good story in the triumph of Liesl Laurie, last night’s winner. Coming from a female-headed household, raised and inspired by her gran and her mom (who overcame drug addiction) and owning, overcoming and utilising the challenges a less-than-glamourous start to life posed. The darling…