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 Meet my travel buddy for today: A big cheque  Going to PE for a @myplayersrugby Players' Charity handover with the EP players.  Major #throwback - today 5 years ago in New Zealand, covering the 2011 Rugby World Cup #AucklandHarbour
 #BathroomSelfie I know  But check the back of this dress  @AnelBothaC   Yay for new haaair! Thank you @strands_of_love__ - a bit of extra length & loads of volume makes ALL the difference! #Sponsored ❤️ Cut & amazing colour by @lizettehair
 Look at this G❤️RGEOUS @AnelBothaC dress ! @PlayersFundSA Banquet #PlayTheBounce 🇿🇦🇿🇦  This stopped me dead in my tracks
  & Mocktails - just a little lunchtime escape w @leandiedurandt  Thanks to @ArmandAucamp I'm trying #BulletproofCoffee this am: Black Coffee w unsalted butter & coconut oil. It sounds sif, but apparently these medium chain fats are rapidly metabolised by the body, delivering twice the energy of carbs & proteins? It actually tastes awesome! Any other #Keto believers out there! #BottieKoffie #DankieArmand
 Look at who I bumped into! @leandiedurandt lyk soos gewoonlik AMAZING #SLNY2   These free access natural hot tubs are scattered in the hot spring areas between Death Valley & Yosemite. Can't wait to go check them out! The directions go something like this: "Take highway XXX south/north to Benton Crossing Road. Turn left at the green church, then pass two cattle guard crossings. Go down a moderate hill & at the bottom, turn left onto a dirt road. When the road forks keep right and after 300 yards take an unmarked turn left. Park there and walk to the tub, which is just about 100 feet on top of the small hill in front of you."  #travel #goldentriangle #roadtripusa #travelbug #RoadTripResearch #mammothlakes #dreamdestinations

Bintan Top 10: Thieving monkeys, trapeze swings & bottomless cocktails

Sep 19th, 2016 TRAVEL! 10 min read

As you might’ve noticed from social media, Club Med invited Richard and I to check out their Bintan Island resort, a gorgeous tropical paradise an hour’s ferry ride outside Singapore. As far as breathtaking beaches go, Bintan is right up there with Thailand’s beach meccas (Koh Samui, Phi Phi, Phuket) and Indonesia’s more well known beach destination of Bali, but it has an even more favourable spot on the…

My Mauritius Tips

Feb 17th, 2016 Uncategorized 4 min read

Last year, we got to discover the magic of a ski holiday with Club Med and in 2016 we changed it up, by opting for a beach escape in stead. I’d like to let you in on why we will totally do it again, how to know if this is something you’d enjoy & what to do when you’re planning a visit. Oh, and my dear husband made a…

This is why 2016 only starts on Feb 1st!

Jan 23rd, 2016 TRAVEL! 2 min read

For us, 2015 is only ending now. You know how Chinese New Year is only on February 8th? And in Ethiopia today is the 14th day, of the 5th month of 2008? (not kidding #JulianCalendar) Well, since Richard & I worked over Christmas & New Year,  we’re taking our end of year holiday this week & starting 2016 on February 1st. This is, of course, also…

Behind The Scenes On My Latest ‘rooi rose’ Cover Shoot

Sep 28th, 2015 Uncategorized 2 min read

I’m all about spreading the word. Hard news, rugby news or the latest meme – my job is literally to NOT shut up. To keep communicating. To find content and tell people about it. So, when a magazine approaches someone like me with great news, on the condition that I keep it a secret, that’s basically torture. They actually make you sign a contract and everything! 🙂 Nonetheless,…