Hello, and welcome to my page!

I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to comment on my posts & engage with me.

Who am I?

1. I talk for a living. As a TV presenter. Some of the time.
2. I have a very wide range of interests and love trying something new. I have mostly worked for a sport presenter across TV & radio over the last few years but I’ve also been a news reader, a radio DJ, a music compiler, a breakfast TV show host, a music TV presenter, a features writer for a newspaper and a stylist. I have learnt an immense amount from each of these roles and I still have loads of passion for most of these fields.
3. Mostly, I enjoy finding ways of turning my interests into new opportunities!

At the moment, I work as an anchor for SuperSport and sport anchor on “Breakfast With Martin Bester” on JacarandaFM.

I have made TV (as both producer and presenter) for both traditional live broadcast, as well as the crazy, exciting new age of on-demand web broadcasting at the Afrikaans news platform Netwerk24, SuperSport and for the ICC, covering the Cricket World Cup in 2019.

Basically, I have been lucky enough to be busy telling compelling stories for over a decade.

It has always been at the core of everything (worthwhile) I’ve done over the years and in 2016 I started also finding ways of bringing the stories of our greatest rugby heroes closer to their fans, as well as brands. This, under the banner of the South African rugby players’ organisation MyPlayers.

So, what is this website for? 

I started blogging while I was covering the 2011 Rugby World Cup for SuperSport in New Zealand.I wrote a whole host of daily blogs during the two months I spent in the land of the long white cloud, which you can go read here.

I also worked as a features writer, penning long form profiles on notable, newsworthy people for the Afrikaans press (Beeld, mainly) for a while.

Now, when I’m not writing anything for payment, it usually ends up here. Either because I feel passionate about something or I’ve stumbled upon a really great destination I’d like to share with you.

When I’m not creating content or telling stories, I also enjoy trying to play golf or run a bit. I really enjoy gardening and when I’m not doing that, you’d find me spending time with my husband Richard Maspero and our cats (of whom Instagram way too many pics!).



  1. Aspiring presenters with big dreams often ask: “How did you get here?”

Besides radio, I can highly recommend a stint in breakfast TV to any aspiring presenter – there’s nothing that pushes you quite that far into exploring all the nooks and crannies of your general knowledge, your personality and your ability to be (or seem!) poised and polished on minimal sleep.  I spent 2 and a half years anchoring kykNET‘s wildly popular breakfast show Dagbreek. You can check out some of the amazing work we did on this show here.

     2. “How do you move from radio to TV, though?”

Well, for me that road went via music TV. I landed my first ever TV job – as co-host of MK‘s flagship live music show Studio1 – in 2007, when the show needed a female presenter to fill model Lee-Ann Liebenberg’s shoes. At the time, I was still a campus radio DJ at MFM 92.6 and on the cusp of graduating with a law degree, from the University of Stellenbosch. I graduated just in time to grab the job, moved to Joburg and I promptly enrolled for a post-graduate degree in Journalism at the University of the Witwatersrand.

After making the big move (with what I could fit into my car!),  I immediately set out on my next mission: to work my way onto 5FM‘s line-up. After all, that was the reason I started working in community radio back in my school days, in the first place. I started out as the assistant music compiler for SA’s authority on youth, entertainment and music. Eventually I added programming assistant and senior music compiler to the list, before persistence paid off in 2010 when I secured a graveyard shift.

Graveyard led to my own Sunday night show “The El-ternative” in 2012, which was followed by a stint as producer  and contributor on the weekend breakfast show in 2013 and eventually the executive producer of the station’s brand new drive-time offering “The Roger Goode Show” in 2014.

The demand of drive-time radio is immense though, add breakfast TV and 2 rugby shows to the mix and it probably doesn’t come as any surprise that a few tough decision had to be taken at the start of 2015 – hence the shift of focus to the web and rugby. Ultimately culminating in a greater focus on rugby, mainly, in 2016.

3. “But I’ve heard there’s very little security in the entertainment industry?”

Yes, but that’s why I believe the key to my development and growth has been my appetite for variety.

Besides making content for radio, TV and web, I also enjoy working as an MC on a regular basis. It all started with Oppikoppi in 2008 (SA’s equivalent of Glastonbury or Coachella) and that lead to the Red Bull Soundclash, the 2010 and 2012 South African Music Awards, the Campus Invasion Tour 2011, Kaktus Oppi Vlaktes at KKNK 2012, Pendoring Reklametoekennings (2010, 2013), the SA Rugby Player of the Year Awards (2013, 2014), Ghoema Musiektoekennings 2013, the Players’ Fund Benefit Dinner 2014, ATKV Veertjies 2014, BEELD Economist of the Year 2014 etc.