I found a fascinating in-depth look at a rugby team online, done by Sky Sport, and I think you should see it.  Why?

a) Well, Bakkies Botha plays for this team, Toulon, in the South of France (alongside a few other 30-something stars, including Jonny Wilkinson). And since he’s not necessarily done with Springbok rugby, I’d suggest you keep an eye on him.

Vat so, Frenchies!

b) Toulon is owned by a guy who made his fortune out of comic books, Mourad Boudjellal. The child inside deserves hi-five!

c) Boudjellal paid the big bucks to assemble a star-studded team – some say, simply a playstation tactic. And who doesn’t want to find out if that will actually work out in real life?

e) On the topic of real life: these ex-pat players get to live the life in the Cote D’Azur. But despite the glamourous setting they’re faced by a fanaticism usually reserved for football – the support and scrutiny is hectic!

f) Toulon actually performed well in their domestic competition, and is now poised for Heineken Cup success (they were runners-up last season).

Mademoiselle Rugga

So, if you’re usually only a local rugby fan and nothing’s piqued your interest in a Heineken Cup team yet, perhaps this fascinating look inside the French club rugby scene and the lives of ex-pats who now call Toulon home will change your perspective.

Bakkies seems to have taken to it swimmingly, scoring a try on his debut in the heineken Cup last weekend and his English accent even sports a bit of a French influence!

Gail Davis, I thought my job rocked, but you take the cake!