Yesterday I put my very shaky (especially after 10yrs in TV) camera technique to work, to bring you this video diary. A look into a day on set for me on First XV.

No, you don’t get to see me sitting in front of my computer at home in my robe and slippers, prepping for the show before I go to studio. Because: boring.

You also don’t get to see me running to my acupuncture facial and a networking dinner afterwards. Because: I posted about that on Instagram stories.

BUT: You do get to see the fun bits between my arrival and when someone shouted, “That’s a wrap!”

  • The Stranners Diet vs the Elma Diet, you choose.
  • A great BARGAIN Make-Up Tip from the pro who did my face for TV yesterday, Zinhle Seane.
  • A sneak peek at the lady boss who runs the show. Literally. Erin Ferreira FTW.


This is by no means an exhaustive look at ALL the (and there are many, MANY) people who break their backs behind the scenes, to get FirstXV to air.

This is a look at my side of the experience: the work on set (not in the control room, where the real bosses, like Erin, sit), the jokes with our analysts/rugby heroes about my donut addiction and, of course, the amazing make-up fairy godmothers who change my life.