They are enemies in Skyfall, the new 007 movie, but Daniel Craig & Javier Bardem (also known as bad guy, Raoul Silva) has a shared passion for one sport.

Is it:

a) Soccer

b) Golf


c) Rugby?

It is, indeed, RUGBY.

Spain might be known for its’ soccer prowess, but Javier Bardem went the alternative route when his brother first introduced him to rugby at the age of 9. He started playing as a flanker and later moved to prop – and even made the national u/18 team back in the day! For the record: his crooked nose was apparently NOT the result of a rugby injury, but because of an “unprovoked attack” in a bar. Yep. Why did he stop playing? By the time he turned 25 he became a successful actor and opponents tackled him to prove a point. Not to get to the ball.

Rugby has its uses though, even for an actor:  “I think that team sport for a kid is essential: it shows you all these values of being part of a group, it is very good for your understanding of not being that important. Because I played rugby for so long, I really clicked very well in the team of a movie set.’

How you doin’?

Daniel Craig’s rugby background is a little less illustrious. I can only find traces of him playing for Hoylake Rugby Club, in Wirral, which is close to Liverpool, in North West England. I can however see how this face might’ve taken a few hard knocks on the field…

Most women still wouldn’t mind getting caught …offside with him!

So after bonding over some rugga, 007 and Javier-the-bad-guy bought each other tickets to Six Nations matches earlier this year, but they could never go to a match together – due to work commitments.  But can you imagine if they shot a Bond movie at a rugby match? James Bond speeding through the stadium hallways in some small, flat, fast car and the bad guy’s bodyguards could get in the faces of a few forwards.

Until they listen to me, we’ll just have to watch James Bond in his latest adventure: Skyfall.

49 Days to go: 30 NOVEMBER.

Can’t. Wait!