It’s day 2 and I FINALLY feel human again!

Jet Lag got the better of me yesterday, but after some solid rest last night I’m not speaking Zombie anymore and I’ve regained the ability to type.

I honestly don’t know how rugby players come here and play high-intensity games within 2 days of arrival – the Jet lag (and more specifically the fact that it’s day here when you’re body is used to having night-time) really is much worse than I anticipated.

Despite taking some serious roofies (read: prescription sleep medication) to help me sleep on my first night here, I only managed to get about two very restless hours!

So I wasn’t feeling up to blogging, but I managed to operate the camera button on my phone alright:

Crew car …. REPRESENT!

The South African Shop(ping)!

The beautiful Auckland Ferry Building blushing in the late afternoon sunlight

The Weet-Bix around here is all black…

…or would you like some Jonah for breakfast, nom!