Kia Ora from another very moody weather day in Auckland, New Zillund!

We’ve had a few rain / sun / rain / sun / rain relay baton changes here already, and it’s only 10am.

In stead of a very informative post on how kiwi fruit is actually a berry from China, I figured I’d share some of the pics I’ve taken in the last few days, to give you some insight into my random impressions of Auckland and the Rugby World Cup, so far.

Hooker of the tournament:

Yes, that’s me…uhm….hooking ๐Ÿ˜‰

Molly and her parents are supporting the Canadian team:

But Molly’s a Kiwi at heart, and at bum!

That’s for when you make a Nono. In your pants.

No news on whether there’s one for when you make a Weepu ๐Ÿ˜‰

(Thanks for that one, Ryan!)

Speaking of Ryan, he’s one of our SS producers and he throughly enjoyed a visit to TVNZ yesterday (mainly because they have cones reserving parking for Sport Producers outside the front door of TVNZ!).

He’s the blurry figure in this shot of the entrance hall at TVNZ.

New Zillunders have gone all out to use every marketing opportunity related to their proud NZ icons.

Of course the sheep are getting the arseย back end of this deal!

And then my favourite moment from yesterday was finding this random guy playing piano on the wharf yesterday.

Have a closer look at his gumboots and a beer… His top was full of paint, and he looked like he might be a builder – but he was jamming it out on that piano!