I suck at most things that require putting one foot anywhere in relation to the other.

Walking without falling over my own feet is challenging enough on a daily basis – imagine running! Cycling also almost always result in spectacular bruises and exposed meat on my elbows, knees and even the back of my calves (don’t ask). I used to love participating in sport for the social interaction though.

I was a particularly enthusiastic member of Paarl Gim’s u19 I & J Netball teams. Not the team sponsored by the fish company. A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H….you get the point? Yes, that bad.

I love tennis, but if you hand me a racket of any kind it’s at your own risk. In fact, these days I enjoy Pilates (thanks to my BFF Claire who dragged me to classes!) and I’m picking up golf slowly but surely… neither of those with much success yet.

I’m sure you get the picture: I’m more of a spectator than a participant.

Cue this week’s Supersport crew outing in New Zillund:

*drum roll*

Looks easy enough, ne? See, they even use the word fun!

Until you walk through the door and see this!

I’ve never been skiing (remember the bit about happy feet at the top?).

The relaxed smile was obviously recorded before I saw that slope.

*brave smile*

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Insert: 2 hours spent perfecting the art of falling over rather spectacularly

(a.k.a. my attempt at skiing)

And…. then I took to the Toboggan like a pro!

But in the end I survived with my elbows, feet and most of my skin intact. Small miracles and all that…

I’m too stiff to get dressed in a hurry though. I also now sit funny.

My hip took a severe amount of repeated high-impact hits, so it’s not feeling to …uhm… swell.

And I lived to tell the tale. Or take the picture. Potyyyyto, potaaaaaato…

New Zealand countryside

[knee-you zil-luund kuhn-tree-sahyd]



A particular section of the land of the long white cloud, rural.

Sheep central.