On my first non-work outing as a spectator in New Zealand I headed out to Eden Park last night to go watch Ireland play Australia with my producer Chane. What an experience!

Thanks to her foresight we invested in some great plastic rain ponchos in the colours of the two teams  at $10 a piece. They came in VERY handy when it started raining – the plastic keeps the cold and the water out. We had to balance things out with some proudly South African flags around our shoulders though!

My favourite pic of the tournament so far is this one though:

Apologies to the girls who worked at this Mastercard booth – we weren’t supposed to actually touch it! I was a bit insistant that I needed to get my hands on it, even if it’s the oversized version…

After what we paid for those tickets, I was hoping for a good view, but I didn’t quite expect to sit in the 7th row. This is me having a go at taking action pictures. Not a bad view, even if the quality of the picture’s average!

The public transport issues they had last Friday night seems to be something of the past since we took the train there and back last night with absolutely no trouble. It’s free when you have a match ticket, it’s quick, easy and the station’s right next to Eden Park. Absolute pleasure!

Went back to Eden Park this morning to do a story on the Tekoteko (traditional Maori) statues outside (watch out for it on SS) and it was good to see the hundreds and hundreds of beer cans left over from last night are being recycled.

Mooi so, maats!

And at a house across the road from Eden Park I discovered the long lost NZillund brother of the talking Toyota dog!

Don’t take my word for it – make up your own mind:

And this afternoon the Samoans took to the streets of Auckland to show their support for the Manu – despite a loss to the Welsh!

And that’s it for now, for me, from Auckland, New Zillund.

Good morning, and depending on where in the world you are when reading this: good afternoon, good evening and good night! 😉