Last night I questioned my sanity for a bit.

There I was, in my room with the TV on in the background, working on my laptop. Cue Fire Through The Window‘s “Do Do Do” with Kate Hudson talking over it.

It took me a while to realise that it was coming from my TV!

Now Fire through The Window, in case you don’t know this, is a cool band from Durban, Souf Efrica. And I was watching TV NZ (the NZ state broadcaster, like our SABC).

For a moment I thought I was homesick enough to imagine this. Thankfully I could tweet them and ask if I’d been hallucinating, and it seems I wasn’t.

Phew! Sanity intact.


And now, for something completely unrelated:

I found an awesome little art shop in Parnell that sell these cool little ceramic Scrabble letter magnets. The display already had the All Blacks bit on it, but I had to bring some balance to it before I left 🙂

And on that note: Go Bokke!!!!!