With all the Bok games taking place in Wellington so far, it was awesome to see soooooo much green and gold all over Auckland yesterday!

Felt like home, only colder. And windier. And cloudier. Ok, not really. Just warm and fuzzy on the inside!

These guys did their bit to show their gees, I’m guessing this automobile is not intended for use past Oct 23rd… I was supposed to bump into these ouens at North Harbour stadium later on to get the full story, but we missed each other. Ai!

These next ouens are from Windhoek, Auckland. Which is a nice way of saying they are Kiwi’s who picked Nam as their second team. They’ve obviously never seen real Namibians, because as far as I know red hair is an Irish thing?

I taught them how to say Otjiwarongo. Ok, I tried. And I might or might not have failed. But I do remember them saying that they dream of visiting Windhoek one day, or I think that’s what they meant by “We dream of visiting Un-doke one day”!

Next stop: Crew van en route to North Harbour.

Matthew starring as the hooker – very chuffed indeed!

North Harbour Stadium, which only really has one good side to take a picture from!

And the guys, doing some work…

They left to go set up in their commentary positions, and we headed out to interview fans. After a few chats, mainly with local expats who live in the North Harbour area, we heard the unmistakable sounds of one my favourite things about Cape Town: Minstrels!

“Wie het ve djou gesêêê, om in die Bokke se pad te lêêê”