Over here in New Zillund we have the legendary Kobus Wiese on our team. What. A. Guy. He’s good at a few things.

Most people know that he was part of that Springbok team. The ones who, on the 24th of June 1995, beat the AB’s at Ellis Park. *crowd goes wild*

He’s also a formidable rugby commentator and hosts KykNet’s SuperRugby on Mondays with the rest of the Kerkraad. *another wild round of applause*

But -and this really needs to be made clear to all – he’s an even better cook!

He loves cooking, can you tell?

And we love him for it. He made the team here in Auckland an absolutely unforgettable curry the other night and we’ll beg him to do it every week until Oct 23rd, I’m sure! So at this stage I thought my week was made. Not much more to wish for than some Cape Malay style curry made by a legend…right?

“But wait, there’s more….” *infomercial voice*

And then came Braaaaaai day!

That’s right. A South African, wearing a bok jersey, tanning some tjops – and all this right here in Aotearoa! Shoutout to Owen “Deputy Braaier Number 1” Nkumane and Oom Hennie “Deputy Braaier Nommer 2” Koortzen in the back there.

I also got some of it done – although it was mainly to be closer to the heat source!

It was cold, ok?

Interestingly, I’m not much better at tanning tjoppies than I am at cutting onions (The SuperSport insert on this excercise proved that!).

But despite my input (or the misguided attempts), the South African Supporters’ Club in Auckland hosted us at one of their houses and put on a truly spectacular Braai Day feast.

There’s nothing like it, and no fancy shmancy restaurant (and I’ve been to a few excellent ones here) lives up to a bit of home cooking like this! Thanks so much guys!!!!

Cobus, Owen and Monica got stuck in, and so did I!

And on that note I’d like to thank our Souf Efrican ancestor for passing on this primitive cooking skill from generation to generation and even for keeping ex-pats braaiing in wet and inhospitable braaing countries such as the land of the long dark cloud.