Today was another beautiful (albeit cloudy) day in the City Of Sails and I started my day conducting an interview on the roof of a 12 story building – just the jolt of adrenalin you need to get the blood flowing first thing in the morning.

You can catch Kia Ora on Supersport this Friday for the visuals, here’s a pic I took 2 steps from the edge!

See that moerse giant rugby ball there?

Yeah, that one.

I attended a media launch inside it tonight! From the outside it looked as if it had a solid frame of sorts, but once inside it was clear it’s basically like being inside a giant rugby ball-shaped jumping castle – it’s inflated!

It also makes for a great 360-degree projector screen and props to Tourism New Zealand and Inside out Productions for the goosebumps-inducing audio-vsiual production they showed about New Zealand.


It measures 25m long x 17m wide x 12m high.

You can read more about the ball over here… it made it’s first appearance at RWC2007 in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower:


And then, I present to you, the absolute highlight of my day: Collecting this piece of (mostly) white gold!

And that’s it for the 7th of September. It’s only 2 sleeps until kick-off, I’m going to bed now and in the morning it’ll be one. (!!!!)

Good afternoon, and if I don’t see you again, good evening and good night…

*Random NZ fact of the day: The Kiwi mens’ basketball team is called the Tall Blacks.*