Today didn’t start well for me. My good friend Mr. Jet Lag came to visit at 4:30am, and it’s been a battle to stay awake at even the best of times. Kobus Wiese tells me it sometimes takes up to two WEEKS to get over it. I sincerely hope not!

Anyway, that’s why my eyes look like they do in this pic. Vaaaaaak….*yawn*

Yes, that’s Eden Park! I joined the team who covered the AB’s captain’s run this afternoon and managed to sneak in a picture opportunity next to the field. It feels like such a small pitch when you’re right on it…

And on the topic of small, this next picture was not edited.

Not even a little bit.




Say hi to Monica on the left, a member of the SS crew. She’s a fully grown woman.

I now refer to her as Minica, but to be fair I think that guy would dwarf even the great Kobus Wiese.

No word yet on what he ate for the first 20years of his life.

The most exciting part of my day however was the opportunity to visit NZ’s equivalent of 5FM, ZM radio. Those guys there are 2/3s of the drive team, Flynny &  Jay. I stopped by to check out their offices and ended up chatting to them on air about New Zealand, rugby and South Africa.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. They’re drinking bear and eating ice cream. In studio, while on air.

This does not happen back in SA – not at 5FM anyway!

I sincerely hope your Thursday has gone as well as theirs – and if nothing else you have lots to look forward to with only one sleep until kick-off!!!!!!

Good afternoon, and if I don’t see you again, good evening and good night.

*Random NZ fact: New Zealand has a rock radio station that started as a pirate station broadcasting from a ship – just like the one in The Boat That Rocked*