Very pleasantly surprised by the French win tonight, allez les bleus!!!!! I’m delighted with the fact that I was wrong about today’s predictions, but here’s hoping I’m right about tomorrow’s games: Bokke & AB’s.

Now, on to more important matters: music.

Kia Ora, as you might know by now, is not just the name of a show on SuperSport. It’s also Maori for “Hi / Good Day / Awê” or more literally “be well / healthy”.

Now this might seem totally unrelated, but stick with me:  Tidal Waves is a South African reggae band. And they are Oppikoppi legends, well loved by all festival-goers for their “Lekke Lekke Dans” tune which is synonomous with jamming-alongside-other-randoms-who-havent-showered-in-the-dust.

HOW did they keep those outfits so white?! I’m putting my money on being carried – shoulder height – to the stage!

Imagine my delight when Gerhard van Niekerk pointed out to me on Twitter that they have a song called Kia Ora – and when I found it on YouTube I realised it’s one of those I always hum along to with great enthusiasm!

It was written after they toured New Zillund in 2003 and received a warm response . The tune featured as the first track on their third album Muzik and fe Method. Apparently New Zealand radio stations also loved it and gave it extensive airplay!

So here it is, for your listening pleasure – and by the way, the red white and blue pattern on the visual for the song refers to the design of the Maori flag.

Kia ora, mate, kia ora!