Think of the most packed, cosmopolitan New Year’s eve party you’ve ever experienced and then imagine it engulfing an entire city.

That’s almost as off-the-wall as Auckland was today!

One Kiwi fan told me this was much, much bigger than even New Year’s eve has ever been here and that the Kiwi’s NEVER go to town like this… but I think 6years of planning and excitement (they were awarded the RWC hosting bid back in Nov 2005) has finally come to fruition and they fully intend on making the most of it!

I spent most of the day in their version of the V&A Waterfront (Auckland Viaduct) interviewing fans and therefore missed most of the opening match, but I was lucky enough to witness what was surely one the most spectacular fireworks shows in human history from across the bay in Devonport on North Shore. Downtown Auckland was beautifully illuminated for about 12minutes by an absolutely magical sequence of explosions!

If you missed it on TV, here’s my version of the last bit – from where I saw it:


Keep in mind that little speck of red and blue light about a 15mm up in the air at the end is the top of Sky Tower.

Sky Tower looks like this from the ground 4blocks away(the one on the right):

It’s huge.

The fireworks were, to say the very least (and in the words of Oom Hugh Bladen) UN-beliiieeevaaable!!