I was a bit lazy and (I must admit) pre-occupied yesterday. With the Boks playing Wales and all the other lekker matches on offer I skipped a post, but if you’re watching Kia Ora, Toks n Tjops, Superfan and Blitz on Supersport you should be getting a pretty good idea of what I’m getting up to over here!

You might’ve seen this story on Blitz by now, but here’s some more on this incredibly arb yarnbombing / knitted graffiti  / random art exhibition called “Woolly Walk Along” on at the Devonport Wharf north of Auckland.

The wide world of crafting-blogging-knitted-graffiti enthusiasts is obviously more connected than I ever thought!

90 submisisons were featured, made by people from 9 different countries and if you’d like to know more check out the blog at the heart of the project.

This is what I saw:

Mary had a little lamb…and then the humans shaved her hair and made more little lambs! And some grass…

And from Mary to Maria Von Trapp.  Those grey things next to her are The Hills. Not the reality show, the ones that are alive, *with the sound of muuuuusiiiiic*

And apparently Barbies in Sweden like tanning and rugby balls!

Obviously made by someone who loves Facebook!

And then, on to the next one: my rant about PLUGS.


How is it possible that we managed to send people to the moon more than 50years ago, we ended the nuclear missile crisis and invented the interweb, yet we cannot decide on a single power plug for the entire planet earth. This is especially irritating when you travel to somewhere like New Zealand or Australia because they have these ridiculous plug holes:


This must create a gap for an immensely lucrative business, that of making plug adaptors. Imagine my outrage when one shop wanted to ask me $50 (more than R300) for one adaptor! Think about it, I need three (GhD, phone, computer).

The “universal”  (pfffft!) adaptor I bought back in SA – which served me well on previous trips elsewhere – is of absolutely no use here.

Look at all the different adaptors you need for different countries!

I ended up shelling out $24 per adaptor (about R145) and finally all my electronic things worked.

But can the Worldwide Association Of Plugs-fittings (or whoever) please have a meeting and sort this out?

Let’s just agree on one and then stick to it?

Dankie. Dis al.