After just over a week here in New Zillund, I’m starting to understand Kiwinglish, but only just.

Besides the accent, every country has some special gems that are meant and understood in a certain way, that comlicates it even more.

In SA a robot is a traffic light. Everywhere else it refers to a sophisticated machine that does way more than flash different coloured lights!

In NZ you can ask for a Cokey / Koki (not a person with a habit, the felt-tip marker pen) but everyone will look at you funny. Apparently here they call it a sharpie (?????)

I stopped by Hauraki radio, which is a local rock radio station that was started on a boat in the 60s (just like the one in the movie The Boat That Rocked). Watch this clip of a link on Matt Heath’s Drive time show and you’ll see what I mean.

Listen out for the word “mere”.

It’s Kiwinglish for “mayor”


And if you plan on visiting New Zillund or watching any of the RWC2011 coverage featuring Kiwi’s, here’s a great guide to the ABC’s of Speaking New Zillund:


And if you’re looking for some rugby focused New Zillund vocabulary:

How to speak New Zillund at the rugby

Lekker dag, julle, hoor?