Here are some things I bet you didn’t know about kiwi fruit (I didn’t, before today!):

It’s actually a berry.

Italy is the leading producer of kiwi fruit, worldwide.

It’s also being grown commercially in Chile and Brazil.

It’s the national fruit of China and was initially known as a Chinese Gooseberry.

Various varieties are also found in India and Japan and in southeastern Siberia!

New Zillund adopted the Chinese Gooseberry in 1906 when the principal of a Girls’ School Mary Isabel Fraser brought seeds to Wellington from China, and the vines delivered the first locally grown fruit in 1910.

Commercial planting in NZ began in the 1940s and in a clever marketing coup d’etat it was rebranded as Kiwi fruit in the 1950s, named after the little brown indigenous Kiwi birdie (which is a long lost cousin of the Ostrich, but that’s another story for a different day!)

Back to them (nom) Nom Zealand apples:

p.s. A weta is an insect. It looks like a grasshopper but was named by a Maori.

Besides that, I can’t find any differences…