12 hours from now I’ll be on my Quantas flight ready for take-off, en route to Sydney and then onward to Auckland.

I can’t believe the day has arrived (I have, after all, had 3 months to get used to the idea ) that I’m actually going to the Rugby World Cup. I’m nervous, excited and incredibly grateful for the opportunity!

In preperation for this trip I’ve been reading, watching and listening to all things rugby, and all things Kiwi. Yesterday I caught an interview on TV with a RWC merchandise store shopkeeper in NZ. They’d all but sold out all of the Springbok jerseys, he was referring to the Wallaby jersey as firewood (with a playful smirk) but when quizzed about the absence of the French jersey the answer was short:
“We don’t stock THE ENEMY’s jersey”
*Stern Look*
This reminded me of the brilliant little clip made by a very talented Kiwi.
It’s interesting for two reasons:
1. This was made in May 2007, before the All Blacks lost choked to Les Bleus at RWC 2007.
2. Said Kiwi was still smarting 8 YEARS on from their last defeat to the Frogs at RWC 1999…
Watch, enjoy, share!