I want to share one of the most important things I’ve learnt in my career with you. It’s women’s month and I believe we should support, celebrate and help our sisters out. We still live up to that tired, irrational and quite sad hashtag #YouCantSitWithUs too often!

I used to tell myself I was looking after my skin. When I started out in TV, I realised that wearing the amount of make-up I did, with my skin taking the beating it did during Joburg’s Highveld winters… I’d have to up my skincare game.

I started spending lots of money on expensive cosmetics – cleansing, toning, scrubbing, moisturising… I even used an SPF-containing foundation. Most days. 

So, imagine my surprise when I realised that although I got an A for effort, I wasn’t scoring any real points skin-wise. Why? Well, a specialist explained the difference between cosmetics and cosmeceuticals to me, and I felt quite cheated that no one had told me this earlier on in life! 

Cosmetics only really conceal and beautify the very surface of your skin. It’s basically window dressing.

reality check aheadSo, what else? 

Cosmetics are great for what they do: they treat the surface area. Which is like getting a spray tan to mask your cellulite. But cosmeceuticals can do some superhero skincare work because it’s a marriage between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. 

They’re both applied to the surface of the skin, but cosmeceuticals contain ingredients that actually influence the biological function of skin.

In stead of the top-down approach cosmetics follow, cosmeceuticals improve your skin by delivering nutrients, stimulating the regeneration. Cosmeceuticals contain active ingredients which actually improve skin tone, texture, radiance and reduces wrinkling. From the inside out.

If you’ve bought into eating well and living any kind of fit lifestyle, you’ll know from the results that it’s great for your body. Then why not do the same thing for your skin? I have been using Nimue Skin, which is a range of derma-cosmeceuticals skin care products, for 3 years and every time I start chatting skincare with make-up artists, friends and fellow TV presenters, I realise how ill-informed so many of us still are.

Nimue Skin was developed for the medical market for pre- and post operative application – to me, that says it all.


Great skin really is part of my job description and I trust them with my skin – is that not the ultimate testimony?

Whether you just want to make the ultimate investment: to get the most out of the skin you’re in – with a view to prevent the signs of aging… Or, if you’re facing very real skin issues like acne or hyper-pigmentation, there really is hope for all of us.

Besides Rejuvenation, Restoration and Anti-oxidation I think Nimue’s 4th principle is really the key for us here in sunny SA: Sun Protection.

That awareness of the amount of sunshine our skins deal with, is something I’ve always found lacking among the big international cosmetic ranges. But you can empower yourself and actively address your skin concerns, there’s no need to only treat the symptoms – you can take charge! 


In celebration of me telling you what I wish someone had told me years ago, my Nimue Skin family offered to do a Women’s Month giveaway!

There’s a product starter Kit up for grabs, for one lucky lady as well as the most important woman in her life. Because we know great skincare is essential, but so is celebrating phenomenal women who have each other’s backs.

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