I’m about as much a domestic and gastronomic whizz as your average house cat.

Kermit, our krazy but lazy kitty-kid

I chill on the couch with as much reckless abandon as my two cats, we share a special love for sitting in the sunny corner of the lounge and when it’s dinner time I can happily eat Tuna Mate every night of the week – much to Richard’s (my cooking, baking, braai-ing and G&T-pouring whizz of a husband) dismay.

One times husband who does ALL the cooking.

Imagine his (and our friends’!) surprise this weekend when I whipped up two scrumptious salads for a braai!

I have to admit that I got my inspiration from elsewhere: a year or two ago at a braai someone dished up these lekker remixes of old favorites and it stuck with me. The reason it made such an impression was because I liked them. See, I’m not generally fond of salad (relax nutrition nazis, at least I eat lots of fruit!).

My recently-turned-vegetarian dinner guests this weekend loved the tomato one, although I sensed the pear number was perhaps a step too far. If you’re a regular on food blogs, this will probably seem a little late to the salad party, but in case you’re of the house cat variety (like me) or trying to find new ways of making salad sumptuous (like my friends) I’m putting this out there for you to smash your own expectations and those of others!

Tomato, Pine Nut & Parmesan Salad

Tomayto – Tomaaato

Cherry Tomatoes, roasted pine nuts, shave some edges off a block of parmesan – add pesto to taste. Similar recipes also add Basil and Mozarella. Use it, don’t use it, either way it’s a proven hit.

Pear, Lettuce & Feta Salad

The pear stays #winning in this salad!

Improvise to taste, but don’t forget to add some balsamic vinaigrette (brilliant with the pear!) and Bob’s your chef-hat-wearing uncle.