What was the one lasting lesson I learnt on our recent ski trip?

Just how exhilarating, rewarding and important it is to keep learning.

It’s hard. At school and in any tertiary learning experience, every year presents new lessons, growth and change. It keeps you humble, and it gets you learning-fit. But then you leave that rhythm behind and the risk of falling into all kinds of comfort zones is EVERYWHERE.

Out there on the slopes, in what was the most alien but simultaneously natural environment I’ve ever found myself, I had to rely on my own mind and body in a totally new way. It really forced me to move beyond a safe little comfort zone I like to call “I’m too clumsy. And besides, I’m unfit”And it worked!

BUT: True greatness is only achieved when you step out and make things happen.

So, in the spirit of making things happen, I have been sitting on a dream for a while, but I’ve finally gathered the courage to challenge myself. To hold myself to it, I’m going public with this. In stead of stretching my body, this time I’m going to stretch my mind.




I’m terrified! I can only speak Afrikaans and English… And the 3 words of Sesotho I recall from school.

Why Zulu? Because I live in South Africa. Joburg to be precise. And since we have 11 national languages, I figure it can only help to connect, understand and grow as a human being if I could hold a conversation in at least 3 of the 11. If Zulu is the most spoken language in the country, that’s a no-brainer.

Many of us as South Africans have been taking a long hard look at how far we’ve come since 1994 and in many respects we’re genuinely disappointed. It also often feels like all the challenges we face are so far beyond our individual control, that it’s tempting to simply fold your arms and throw one big pity party. But we carry so much responsibility, such a proud heritage of reconciliation and of hope beyond measure. And that’s why we owe it to those who came before us and to those who’ll follow in our collective footsteps to look ahead. I’m committed to keep on building bridges in stead of walls, in all of even the smallest ways I can think of.

Also, everyone I’ve asked about this assures me that the Nguni languages are relatively close – so, I should score a basic grasp of Xhosa in the process as well. Bonus!

I’ll document my adventure and hopefully it inspires you to also make things happen in your own life.

2015 is the year of making it happen. And lucky for me, Lumia has decided that they want to enable and encourage us South Africans to actually stick to our goals this year by committing to anything small that gets you one step closer to your dream.

I’ve decided to take the first step and commit. They’ve decided to help me achieve my goal.

If you want to commit to whatever it is you’ve been putting off, for as long as you can remember, seize the day and make it happen with Lumia right now.

What’s even better is that I’ve been told Lumia will be giving away a Lumia 535 phone every week to fuel the fire of change, so if you submit your goal, your pledge, your resolution – you could win!

Check out this Lumia #MakeItHappen video to find out how to make your pledge: