She’s halfway between Amy Winehouse and Bjork, but she’s from a tiny island in the bottom right corner of the world-map.

That’s Kimbra.

If you haven’t heard her featuring on the Gotye song “Somebody That I Used to Know” yet, invest some bandwith right now to educate your ears to the beautiful and haunting sound.

(If you’re impatient – she’s the angel who starts to sing around 2:30…)

This song is getting so much love in New Zillund at the moment. Not only because it’s awesome, but also becuase 21yr old Kimbra Johnson hails from Kiwi-Bloemfontein a.k.a. Hamilton.

She sang the New Zealand anthem at a rugby match when she was only 12 and after working the local circuit for a few years she got signed and exported to Melbourne when she was 17. She has since signed with Warner Brothers for distribution globally and the Gotye coolaboration has hit no.1 in Aus, NZ, Belgium, the Netherlands and that is only the start.Her debut album Vows is out, and if you’re not convinced yet, this is what she sounded like live here in Auckland tonight at a gig at kings Arms Tavern:

Forgive my camera skills for a moment because i was too busy picking my jaw up from the ground. She has an absolutely phenomenal voice, but more importantly she has the ability to control that massive voice very well. To add to that she’s a pretty entertaining performer in a very distinct, quirky way that doesn’t feel fabricated or put-on. I could go on, but then you’d probably just stop reading. Here’s some more Kimbra indulgence for you…

And the polished music video version of “Cameo Lover” – much more commercial than her live sound…