Welcome to my super sexy revamped new blog! Thank you Duan, for making it happen.

Sho, what a wild ride the last month has been. LOTS of change. #TopStories in, Dagbreek out.

One thing hasn’t changed, I STILL strongly believe in building bridges, way more than walls. Seems like a no-brainer, ne? But I know I’m very prone to shutting myself off from opportunities to connect with people outside my comfort zone, and I think it’s something many of us battle with. This excellent 7min doccie reminded me again last week, just much how everyone’s story matters.

So, remember how I (with the help of the peeps over at Lumia!), pledged to learn Zulu? Well, it’s aaaaawn. Sjoe – and it is daunting.

Publically pledging to do something as practical as learning to speak Zulu, is probably the best way of committing to it though. You really, really can’t back out.

And so, last night I pitched up. Literally. At Alliance Francaise.


For Lesson 1 with my isiZulu tutor.

In between lessons I’ve realised that I constantly want to double-check things on the go. For example: I was in a shop and wanted to chat to the sales lady, but couldn’t remember the Zulu for “it’s good”. for the record: It’s “kuhle lokho”.

So, if you’re stuck for a moment or just want to gradually get more aquainted, there are some great apps out there, like ProDict to help.

I’m far from fluent, but I’ve already learnt how to greet people, the correct way to say Umhlanga (NO “S” SOUND – where the hl is!) and of course -c-, -q- and -x- clicks. And those small steps already meant that today I could greet, thank and (even simpler!) pronounce more people’s names the correct way. And the best part of it? The surprised smiles you get when you do those things.

Speaking someone’s language really gets you halfway to winning their heart.

And the guys who’s helping me do this? Meet Njabulo Sibanda, my isiZulu tutor. Also clearly a lover of photo-shoots! 😉Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 6.59.04 PM

So, if you have a goal of your own, something you know you probably should commit to… I have good news for you: 1) you dont’ have to go it alone. I’d like to keep tabs on your progress – so tell me about it and I’ll try to help you stick to it by checking in. What’s more, is that 2) you can also make it happen with Lumia. And besides offering helpful tips and useful tricks, Lumia is actually also giving away a Lumia device to entice you… Smart, ne?

Partner (to keep you accountable): SORTED.

Incentive: SORTED.

So, watch one of my favourite goofballs, Chris Forrest, being his boring* self to find out how to pledge.


*not boring at all