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 The steamiest team photo all year! @AJVenter7 🤣 Lekker to have @hornefrankie joining the starting line-up. Oom Naas @gcobani_bobo12 @xntshinga round out the #FirstXV 8pm @SuperSportTV 1 - What went wrong with the #RWC2023 bid? What is the secret to the Blitzboks success & where to from here, for the Boks? All topics we chat through tonight.  Just installing some updates... to my skin! Dermatological skin resurfacing in action @phFormulaSA 🇿🇦#Ambassador #freshface But, for realsies: The texture of my face has basically returned to baby skin!
 Have a Naas one, hoor?  The internet can never have too many pics of kittens to cheer us up, so here you go  Luckily I got a good dose of baby kitty gold earlier today! @MaridaFitz the kitten-masseuse
 #Selfie because @Dawnsy100 had so much fun playing with my new @SmashboxSA and what a job she did - check my stories for the low-down. Thanks for the toys Smashbox! #MakeUp #ProTips  Standard Saturday poolside chilling. #Braai #Sunshine #KittyCuddles
 #JusticeLeague with my guide to all things comic-book-movie-franchise. I’m just here for the snacks🤫Today was just too ‘real’ on a few fronts #Zimbabwe #RWC2023 so this bit of escapism couldn’t have come at a better time! Oh, and in case it isn’t obvious we came dressed as “African Wonder Woman” (the blonde one, obvs) and Lex Luthor 🤣  Tonight at 8 @Jakes6 makes his debut in our #FirstXV @SuperSportTV with @Butch10 @gcobani_bobo12 @xntshinga
 Sitting here in my green outfit like 🤷‍♀️  Having the BESTEST hair day thanks to @leaswart_grh @garyromhair #GRHMidstream #SummerHair Colourist extraordinaire  #GreenEveryDay #SouthAfrica2023 #affiliated

So you have the right tong – but do you know how to use it? A Classic Curl tutorial

Aug 31st, 2015 6 min read

That age old thing about people with straight hair wanting curly hair and vice versa, is a total cliché because it’s true. And I’m certainly the former. Lucky for you and I, we live in 2015. An age where ghd not only makes the straightener to end all straighteners, but also some incredible hairdryers and last, but most certainly not least, an entire RANGE of ghd Curve curling tongs! I…

#GIVEAWAY Cosmetics won’t actively change your skin. But this will.

Aug 2nd, 2015 5 min read

I want to share one of the most important things I’ve learnt in my career with you. It’s women’s month and I believe we should support, celebrate and help our sisters out. We still live up to that tired, irrational and quite sad hashtag #YouCantSitWithUs too often! I used to tell myself I was looking after my skin. When I started out in TV, I…