See those happy little faces?

The great people at Action Motor Group Krugersdorp decided to, in stead of dropping their Christmas party budget on hosting a big staff party (for people who see each other all day every day, anyway), rather host a party for some kids who could really use it.

These kids.


What an exemplary approach – one I wish more companies would consider. We have so much need in this country and there are so many bright young faces to cheer up.

AND this kind of giving has the added benefit of filling the hearts of the givers even more than it does the kids!

Ask me, I wiped away a few tears…


When Peet Venter at Action Motor Group Krugersdorp mentioned in December that the dealership was busy organising jumping castles (the big fun ones with water slides, and plastic balls and various different “rooms”!) and lunch for the kids of Bethany House, I immediately thought this idea deserved some support. I organised the sweeties (did you see the cute goodie bags? I had fun choosing them 🙂 ) offered the use of my Kuga to go deliver the goods and, well, we played!





And here you have my trusty steed / delivery vehicle, my Action Motor Group Krugersdorp Kuga and Francois Buys from Bethany House who welcomed us & facilitated the party.


 Remember – if you’d like to drive my Kuga for a month (think of it as a seriously extended test drive!) tag a pic of it on Facebook or Twitter with #ElmaInAction


What a fun day!