That age old thing about people with straight hair wanting curly hair and vice versa, is a total cliché because it’s true. And I’m certainly the former. Lucky for you and I, we live in 2015. An age where ghd not only makes the straightener to end all straighteners, but also some incredible hairdryers and last, but most certainly not least, an entire RANGE of ghd Curve curling tongs!

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I was pretty clueless as to which one I need in my life, so I called up the very kind Natasja at ghd here in Joburg for advice… She invited me to pop by for a tutorial and then handed over a very kindly stocked bag of tricks, including my very own “Classic Curl Tong” (!!!!).


Curly Hair Heaven In A Bag

Curly Hair Heaven In A Bag

But, believe it or not, that’s not what this post is about. See, I’ve been having so much fun with this business of being able to style my hair as well (and often better!) than most professional stylists, that it’s my job to share this power with more than just my besties.

We all know there’s no point in using anything less than the best, on your hair. You’re really just not going to get the results, the look doesn’t last as long and it takes a toll on your hair.

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Sing it, Alicia Keys!


But even if you drop ALLLLL your cash on buying the best equipment available, what’s the major advantage stylists usually have over us plebs?


And that’s where my fantastic tutorial with Natasja came in super handy, so I figured I’d share my notes with you.

I picked the Classic Curl Tong because my hair isn’t quite long enough to make full use of the Soft Curl Tong, my hair is also incredibly straight and thin in it’s natural state, so I need a tighter and more emphasised curl than the Classic Wave Wand and I wanted something a little neater than the Creative Curl Wand‘s “Laidback Luxe”. I’ll be doing my own hair every day during the upcoming Rugby World Cup and the English weather will probably introduce a laidback luxe vibe to even the slickest look I can manage. No help needed there!

But back to you.

  1. Spritz dry hair with ghd Style Curl Hold Spray. I know this sounds counter-intuitive. Just trust me. It’s a thing!
  2. Twist the section you’re about to curl at the root once or twice – twist away from your face if you want the curls to fall away or towards your face if you want them to frame your face. This depends on how crowded you want it to be! For me, I prefer twisting away from the face, because: thin hair. 
  3. Then hold the curling tong HORIZONTALLY, roll your hair up around the barrel and make sure you clip the end in. ****ghd ENSURED THAT THERE’S A COOL TIP AT THE END OF THE TONG AND THEY ALSO MAKE A VERY MICHAEL JACKSON-LOOKING STYLING GLOVE. USE IT!**** 
  4. Hold in place for 5-8 seconds.    
  5. Release your hair from the tong, but scrunch it up as it slides off the barrel into your hand and hold it there for a few seconds as it cools. I’vc tried skipping this step at home when I’m in rush. I always end up regretting it. DO NOT skip the scrunch if you have super straight/flat/boring hair like mine!
  6. Once you’ve curled your entire head and it looks like the pic on the far left below, you can use the ghd Oval Dressing Brush to softly smooth  it out. If you want a more tousled look, just hold each curl by its end and shake it out. It’ll get that Taylor-Swift-Goes-To-Oppikoppi vibe to it, then. 
  7. Set with ghd Style Final Fix Hairspray. 


Watch the video below, if you need more help. And if you still want to know more, Natasja said you can simply visit your nearest ghd stockist – salons can offer this service to you as part of what they do.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask the dumb questions and if all else fails keep an eye on the ghd YouTube channel for some tutorials on specific looks. Actually knowing how to get the best out of the tong I now use, has totally changed my approach from “Trial & Error Elma”, to “Determined-Hair-Diva”. Nothing less than awesome will do!