Usually car sponsorship deals basically consist of bragging about lekker new wheels. Which is great for the person who gets sponsored.But then you see the pic and feel totally left out.

And envious.


Car Envy

I get you. But Action Motors Krugersdorp and I want you to get in on the action (I know, cheesy!).

If you move around the North-western ‘burbs of Joburg, keep an eye out for my new steed. When you see it, snap a pic, load it on your Facebook or Twitter profile and include the hashtag #ElmaInAction.

We’ll keep an eye on you & the coolest pic gets you the use of my car (or one JUST like it) for a month!

Which car am I driving this month…?


ecoSportThe Ford EcoSport, which is a really cool urban (read: slightly smaller) SUV with a solid 20cm ground clearance AND it gives you nearly 20km/liter in terms of fuel economy. Basically it offers great value, it’s very versatile and it’s SUPER fuel-economical. Eco AND Sport. You see?

Oh – and I had to park it at a mall today in one of those ridiculously tight spots (I’m used to something considerably smaller!) and it’s actually surprisingly compact. It’s  easy to manuever into tight spots – perfect for town – but also great for ramping stuff & looking buff!

These are just the obvious bits, but I’ll share more of my favorite features as I discover them. The great thing about this campaign is that you don’t have to take my word for it – you can drive this car for a month and make up your own mind!

I’ll also be trying out a different car from the Action Motors Krugersdorp range every month and together we’ll be better informed about what each of them has to offer!


That, right there, holding the flowers and the keys - could be you!

That, right there, holding the flowers and the keys – could be you!