I’m all about spreading the word. Hard news, rugby news or the latest meme – my job is literally to NOT shut up. To keep communicating. To find content and tell people about it. So, when a magazine approaches someone like me with great news, on the condition that I keep it a secret, that’s basically torture. They actually make you sign a contract and everything! 🙂

Nonetheless, I managed to keep it all very hush for 2 months and decided to hoard some pictures and video taken behind the scenes, to share the experience with you, even if that meant waiting until now.

The greatest part of this cover shoot, for me, was that the brilliant Riaan Hulley styled me in some beautifully minimal and slick looks. Super monochrome fashion awesomeness. Absolutely gorgeous brief!

The bad? We shot this cover on a sunny but freezing cold day in JULY! *shivers*

What you don’t see on the timelapse video below, is that I was actually covered in goosebumps for most of the day! And don’t get me started on the hair fan. Yes, did you think my hair just does that vibrant movement thing by itself? Nope. Actual wind. On bare arms. In JULY.

So, basically, I got a bit of modelling dejavu and remembered why I don’t miss that side of the job all that much!

The whole point of this (very amature) little video was just to show you how long it takes to get “THE SHOT”. In other words, how patient and dedicated every single person on set has to be, in pursuit of print glory. And yet you never get to see the other faces in the team. For them, I am super grateful. Because, heaven knows, I did NOT #WakeUpLikeDis.

(This was just one of about 7 or 8 looks we shot – and this one didn’t even make the cover!)


And the result:



This issue of rooi rose is on shelves at the moment – so, for the other pictures, you’ll have to go buy the book!