We recently visited Rovaniemi in Finland, in the hopes of seeing the Northern Lights.

We found them, as we had hoped – but what we were not expecting, was to also find so many other awesome adventures!

This is the official hometown of Santa Claus (for real!), you can meet him, hang out at his post office and even see him doing guest appearances at local football games. You can mountain bike through the snow, float in Arctic lakes (special floating suits, not cold at all), go husky sledding, visit the Arktikum Museum (a must!) and of course, Aurora Safari – also known as Northern Lights hunting.

This kind of adventure, certainly does NOT have to:

  1. Be a mission to get to: You can fly from Helsinki directly to the edge of the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi has a fantastic airport.
  2. OR hinge on wether or not you see the lights: In these parts they say there is Aurora activity on about 200 nights per year, so the odds are high. However, even on the 2 nights we couldn’t see the lights, we had been so busy during the day, it was a relief to be able to get a good night’s rest!

People have been asking me for advice on how to plan a trip and I can really recommend Rovaniemi’s tourism office as a resource – go check them out at @VisitRovaniemi.

They arranged all of our activities and accommodation for us.

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